Our Story

To say I am BEYOND excited to have brought the very first Vintage Marketplace to the Fox Valley is an understatement! As a busy mom of three and wife of an entrepreneur husband, I fully understand that finding “me time” can be difficult. But one passion I’ve learned to find time for is giving new life and a bright future to things that seem unwanted or have been forgotten. We all have a past and story to share and, given the chance, much more life to give.

Many wonder and ask where our name came from. I’d love to share an exciting story but if I’m being honest… there isn’t one. Way back in the beginning of this all, I sat down to look up words that fit my visions for this space. Repeatedly, at the bottom of each search, were the words ‘old goat’. I mentioned it to my husband and he said “I think that’s perfect… unique, easy to remember, and peeks interest”. That was that – our marketplace had a name. 

Within our marketplace, you’ll find the friendliest staff and merchant spaces offering a bit of everything from vintage, antique, handmade, restored, and renewed items to some brand new retail lines. Ye Old Goat is sure to have just what you’re looking for and much that you didn’t know you needed… and I could not be happier to bring it to you!