“To me, re-purposing something is taking something that has already started it’s lifetime story and either restarting that story completely or adding chapters to it. It’s taking something that appears unwanted or in rough shape, striping off the layers,┬ásanding the edges, and giving it a new purpose in life.”

Meghan Keller, Owner of Ye Old Goat

Ye Old Goat is a one of a kind modern-day Market… similar set up to that of an old school antique mall but of this generation. Our market is filled with over 130 small business owners offering new, re purposed, vintage, and old items ready to take on that next chapter in their lives.

So if you’re tired of the same old – same old, or are struggling to find that one piece to fit into that one particular place (we all know that one place) in your home, get ready for a refreshing shopping experience! With items that are ever changing, just never know what you’ll find here at Ye Old Goat!